Episode 3 – How to Pick the Right Battery Setup for You

What can battery systems do?

Backup the home, off grid solutions, safe rooms, demand/kWh mitigation.

Explanation of the Parts and Pieces –

Batter Types, Battery Manufacturers, Inverters/Charge Controllers, With or without Solar.

Whats the financial impact/payback?

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2 Replies to “Episode 3 – How to Pick the Right Battery Setup for You”

  1. Very informative — and fun conversation too. Enjoyed listening to & learning from all 4 podcasts so far. You may soon be regionally or nationally syndicated, in fashion of Car Guys, i.e. Solar Dudes taking listeners calls too! Got the home solar part covered, and may add battery-backup one day, but I’m currently looking at EV’s — with growing audience hungry to learn more about EV battery-charging via solar… at home, work, roadtrip stations, etc. Look forward to future podcasts — or Facebook Live. Solar On!

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