Episode 16 – I Call BS

This week on the Solar Dudes Podcast we call “BS”. We have a candid conversation on items we often find in”green” media sources and hear from solar companies that aren’t necessarily accurate. Topics such as battery placements, thin film longevity, end of lease terms, and companies that outsource, which are often conveyed in a way that gives you typically uncovered or inaccurate information.

Episode 9 – Tesla! Tesla. Tesla?

On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we┬áreview everything Tesla. Tesla, and Elon Musk, are in the news now on almost a daily basis. On this show we attempt to cover the extent of their product line, from the cars to the batteries to the solar roof tiles. Musk, being a great marketer means everyone knows about Tesla, but what about the more detailed info we don’t know?

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Episode 3 – How to Pick the Right Battery Setup for You

What can battery systems do?

Backup the home, off grid solutions, safe rooms, demand/kWh mitigation.

Explanation of the Parts and Pieces –

Batter Types, Battery Manufacturers, Inverters/Charge Controllers, With or without Solar.

Whats the financial impact/payback?

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