Episode 16 – I Call BS

This week on the Solar Dudes Podcast we call “BS”. We have a candid conversation on items we often find in”green” media sources and hear from solar companies that aren’t necessarily accurate. Topics such as battery placements, thin film longevity, end of lease terms, and companies that outsource, which are often conveyed in a way that gives you typically uncovered or inaccurate information.

Episode 4 – Solar Myths and Misconceptions

On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we explore common solar myths, misconceptions, and misinformation. Including:

  • Solar systems cost more than I can afford.
  • I need to re-roof my house before going solar.
  • Mono (crystalline) panels are the best type of solar panel.
  • I can’t add any additional panels to my system.
  • I can buy solar panels that are 40%+ efficient.
  • Solar panels need regular cleaning.
  • I can charge my electric vehicle from solar.
  • US made product is far superior to products made abroad.
  • It’s all about the products and price, not the installer.

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