Episode 13 – Reduce or Renewable?

When looking into solar a lot of customers wonder if reducing usage may be a good first step, before producing the power from a renewable source. This week on The Solar Dudes we have special guest, Jason Owsley, who is a Home Energy Auditor. We discuss when the right time to reduce is vs. renewable energy being a better option, as well as diving into efficiencies of heating and cooling systems, insulation, and other energy saving info.

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Episode 12 – The Unasked Questions

On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we explore the questions that don’t often get asked that probably should when looking into going solar. When getting solar quotes how do solar providers determine the output of the system, and is it guaranteed? When referring to things like ROI or return on investment, is the long term or short term strategy more fitting? We ask the questions as well as others and discuss the implication and possible outcomes.

Episode 11 – Off The Roof Applications

On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we explore off the roof solar applications, including everything from covered parking to tiny homes. While a lot of people are interested in solar they may not have the roof space in order to achieve their objectives. Commercial and residential systems have come a long way in terms of off the roof applications, especially in the commercial and industrial markets where roof space is a premium. Below are some examples of off the roof solar we discuss in this weeks episode.

Baja – Solar Covered Parking Structure

Baseball Stadium Seating Cover

Day and Night Solar – Zero Lot Line Car Shade

Frameless (All Glass) Solar Patio Cover

Frameless (All Glass) Shade Structure

Tiny Home with Solar

Solar Roadway

Episode 10 – How to Sell a House With Solar

Today we have a special guest who is a realtor in the Phoenix Valley, Tara Rutkowski. She has specialized in promoting and working with solar customers looking to sell and purchase property with solar. In this episode we get the opportunity to understand the challenges and advantages of solar from a Realtors perspective. We dive into what it takes to buy and sell a home with solar already on it and the finer details of what questions to ask and items to review.


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Episode 7 – Can I Install Solar Myself?

On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we identify the advantages and disadvantages of installing your own solar energy system. We start at the first step in the process of understanding your previous usage history, and move to the layout and estimated system production. Having the system identified, there are still a few challenges that lie in our way including, utility applications, permitting, HOA submissions, the technical side of design considerations, financing and warranties.

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Episode 2 – How to Shop for Solar

When shopping for solar it’s hard to know the right component choice as well as who to pick to do the work. On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we talk about:

– How to Choose the Right Components
– Panels
– Inverters
– Installation Methods
-Other Parts and Pieces
– Best Practices
– Choosing the Right Contractor
– Questions to Ask

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