Episode 20 – Horror Stories

The Solar Dudes return with an episode revolving around some horror stories they have encountered in the industry. Listen as they explore the net metering fiasco in Las Vegas, having to custom-make off the shelf parts in the middle of nowhere, and the different surprise visitors they have met on the job-site.

Episode 18 – Solar Coaster: 300ft. Drop

Join the Dudes as we take ride on the solar coaster explaining the ups and downs of the industry. Just like other dynamic industries solar can fluctuate in many areas including manufacturer bankruptcies, utility changes, incentive reductions, and storage. While some of these changes are avoidable others can be mitigated but not overcome.  As an industry we have to strive to overcome these challenges, as solutions don’t often come from the same locality.

Episode 15 – Mars, Venus and Somewhere Between Us

When presenting the idea to go solar to a significant other, there are many unknowns such as how to finance, find the right company and how beneficial it can actually be. Convincing someone why they should be on board with getting a solar system proves to be a challenge with many couples. On this episode we explore both sides of the argument when researching different solar options.

Episode 11 – Off The Roof Applications

On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we explore off the roof solar applications, including everything from covered parking to tiny homes. While a lot of people are interested in solar they may not have the roof space in order to achieve their objectives. Commercial and residential systems have come a long way in terms of off the roof applications, especially in the commercial and industrial markets where roof space is a premium. Below are some examples of off the roof solar we discuss in this weeks episode.

Baja – Solar Covered Parking Structure

Baseball Stadium Seating Cover

Day and Night Solar – Zero Lot Line Car Shade

Frameless (All Glass) Solar Patio Cover

Frameless (All Glass) Shade Structure

Tiny Home with Solar

Solar Roadway

Episode 2 – How to Shop for Solar

When shopping for solar it’s hard to know the right component choice as well as who to pick to do the work. On this episode of The Solar Dudes Podcast we talk about:

– How to Choose the Right Components
– Panels
– Inverters
– Installation Methods
-Other Parts and Pieces
– Best Practices
– Choosing the Right Contractor
– Questions to Ask

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